Company Team


 1.10 salesmen have be trained with regularity, 8 QC are with 10 years working experience and technical personnel, 5 personnel R & D are.


 2. A full set of printing and processing equipment from Germany for your service.


 Company Advantages


  1. Top quality packaging

 We have more than 10 years of experience in producing packing boxes, and our factories are built to improve the efficiency of paper packaging production. Strict monitoring is taken from every step of material selection, storage and production.


   2. One stop packing plan

   Our professional team can provide product packaging solutions for customers, from proofing to production at the workshop.


   3. Variety of packaging boxes

   More than1000 boxes and related samples,1100 kinds of raw materials for you to choose, more than 80% of products exported, customers in 47 industry, 61 countries and regions.


    4. Raw materials

    Raw material use recyclable, environmentally friendly materials, and by the FSC certification, the raw material quality is stable and reliable.


    5. Good service

   Our professional customer service staff provide quality and speedy  service to customers.


 (1) The quotation is within 24 hours

 (2) Sample in 3-5 days

 (3) Production in 2-3 weeks

 (4) safe and reliable storage management: smokeless workshop, perfect fire control facilities;

 (5) Cargo transport security:

 A. K = A carton shipment,

 B. each carton set a environmental protection PP bag,

 C. each carton the upper pad a carton,

 D. gross weight not more than 15 kg, each side length less than 60 cm,

 E. i-section packaging packaging,

 F. no nails packaging;

(6) Quick delivery: to determine the freight information quickly, and delivery or help customers to find reliable forwarder to arrange shipment.

   6. After
(1) customers pay a return visit, the independent along after-sales department is responsible for the goods sent to follow;

(2) quick response: after-sales problem, 12 hours response;
(3) defects treatment: factory strong technical force in a timely manner to solve the quality problem of the product.


    7. Excellent quality

    18 quality checking: paper, material, printing, screen printing, flocking,embossing quality, hot stamping, hit convex, indented, beer, UV, glue, to the quality of paper mounted, finished product,packing bags,truck loading inspection;